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At M.MA we offer the opportunity to create a caring environment that supports children's social and emotional needs. Including many different options to be physically active, creative, well-rounded individuals with strong moral character and values. Especially the development of language, communication, and interactive skills; in a thriving setting.


Miniature Me Academy targets each child's school preparedness needs by accomplishing our caveglsm (cave-ga-lism).

C - Communication: stimulating imagination and spark creativity.
A - Auditory discrimination: compare and differentiate environmental sounds.
V - Vision: to decipher signs, symbols, and interpret pictures.
E - Exploration; play through an array of tools objects and materials.
G -  Govern; the ability to maintain their behavior.
L - Language; develop vocabulary with words, phrases, and stories.
S - Social; gain interactive skills.
M - Motor; strengthen small/gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

M.M.A believes in striving for theses attributes with parental guidance and community involvement we can change the lives of our future

Meet the Team

Ms. Monique

 CEO & Director

Ms. Gwen

Marketing/Technical Director


Ms. Sharon

Infants and Childcare Specialist

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