Why Should My Children Attend
Miniature Me Academy

  • They become naturals at socializing
  • They separate more easily from their parents.
  • They are flexible
  • They have easy access to education and play.
  • They build up their immune systems.

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Commercial Providers VS In-Home Daycare

Commercial Child Provider

  • Reliable, full- or part-time care
  • Built-in backup care
  • Operating hours similar to most parents’ work schedules
  • A variety of ages
  • Socialization with other kids
  • Staff have some early childhood education
  • Licensed and regulated
  • Play-based learning although some may
    integrate preschool curriculum

Home Daycare Facility

  • Limited to no options for backup care
  • Licensing not required in some states
  • Often an individual caregiver so more
    important to align on style, philosophy
    and personality
  • Don’t generally follow an academic curriculum
  • Exposure to shared germs

Using a Relative as Childcare Providers

Working parents who are fortunate enough to be surrounded with relatives willing to care for their children during the parents' work hours have yet another option for childcare, but they need to consider all angles before jumping into such an arrangement. It is crucial to the child's safety that the parents objectively evaluate a care-by-relatives arrangement. While it may seem to be a perfect solution at first glance, the reality of relying on a grandparent or other family member for day care may not be as favorable as it seems. The following factors are a starting point for appraising such a situation:

  • The availability and reliability of the relative to provide care according to the parents' schedules;
  • The ability of the relative to provide adequate care;
  • The safety of the relative's home (if care is to be provided there);
  • The relative's philosophy concerning discipline; and,
  • Whether the relative can provide safe transportation to and from school or activities.

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