Your child is our first priority at MMA, we are a family. We want to make sure all your family members feel wanted and loved. Our prices are competitive indeed, on the other hand, we understand families have other priorities and can appreciate quality care at an affordable price.



6wks—2yrs $225
2yrs $195
3-4yrs $180 non- potty trained
3-4yrs $170 potty trained
5yrs $150
6-10yrs $125


Now Offering Infant Care!

Why not start teaching young! We offer programs for infants and toddlers that specialize in helping your child reach their highest potential in:

~ Potty training ~ Life skills ~ Preschool prep

Welcome to the adventure of Miniature Me Academy! Not only are we “mini” but we are “mighty” due to the new growth of our company. Now that we have more space we now can offer all of our in-home amenities in a commercial location:

~ After school tutoring
~ Pre-K prep
~ Drop-in every Wednesday 6-8pm
~ Pick-up/drop off service


~ Introductory Spanish
~ Saturday care every other Saturday 7-3pm
~ P-P-P Sleep over night every 3rd Saturday
~ Abeka Curriculum


We Accept Children
ages 6 weeks to 10 years old

Drop-in/Half Day

6:30 am - 12:00 pm  3+ yrs.   $50.00
2:00 pm - 6:00 pm    3+yrs.   $40.00

Before & After Care

Before Care (only)    5+yrs.    $50.00
After Care (only)       5+yrs     $50.00
Before & After Care  5+yrs    $50.00

Before & After Care Plus Tutoring  5+yrs. $100.00

After Hours Drop-in  TUES/WED/THUR

6:00 pm - 7:00 pm  2+yrs.  $30.00
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm  2+yrs.  $30.00
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm 2+yrs.   $50.00

No Discounts on infants, toddlers and after care





To daycare from school   5+yrs.   $15.00
To daycare from home    3+yrs.   $15.00
Home pick-up/drop off   3+yrs.   $20.00
Home drop-off only         3+yrs.    $15.00

Tutoring for homework per child  5+yrs.  $10.00

Sleep overnight    2+yrs.    $35.00
Sat. 7:30 pm - Sun. 9:30 am
Every 3rd Saturday includes dinner & breakfast
(If there is a field trip scheduled for the night "ie" movies, Chucky Cheese, etc admissions are paid by the parent)

**Multiple Sibling Discount (min. 3 kids)**
$10.00 off per child

Pizza Pancakes Pajamas (P-P-P)

P-P-P Referrals 2+yrs $5.00 off per referral
P-P-P- Military Families only 10% discount
Minimum 3 kids
Active Duty only





We Love Referrals! All ages  1 week free care with paid registration and enrollment.

P-P-P Referrals  2+yrs. $5.oo per referral

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